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Who is IC Markets?
IC Markets is a global CFD Forex broker formed in 2007, by a team of professionals in the financial services industry who were instrumental in the success of one of Australia’s largest CFD and Forex providers.
Which program is more suitable for me?
You can participate both as a CPA partner and the Revenue Share partner. If the clients you are referring are within Europe, then you will receive payment in the form of CPA or Cost Per Aquisition.

Take a look at the eligible countries list here. On the other hand, our Revenue Share IB program is suitable for referring clients throughout the rest of the world, except for countries that are not permitted to trade with us. You can have a mix of both types of clients and benefit from both referral structures assured that you are operating in within the stipulated regulations.
How much does it cost to join?
Nothing, our Hybrid Affiliate Program is free to join. It is easy to create an account with us and it takes only a few minutes to complete.
Do you provide any support?
Yes, a major focus of our Hybrid Affiliate Program is on giving you support to help you provide a better service to your clients.
How do I start?
All you need to do is to fill out the appropriate application form, we will then process it as quickly as possible. A dedicated Account Manager will assess your application, and you will be in touch with you to get you on your way.
What countries are excluded from the IC Markets Hybrid Affiliate Program?
You will not be entitled to receive any fees from traders whose are their country of residence is in a country that we do not provide services, as it is stated in our website. You are responsible to monitor our Website to be aware of the countries we are accepting clients, as this may change from time to time.
We may notify you via email for any change of the countries we are accepting clients at any time.
Afghanistan, Burma/Myanmar, Central African Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FFRY), Iran, Iraq, Japan, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
What are the payment structures for the Hybrid Affiliate Program?
We offer several different payment structures to suit your needs. When you open your account, your Account Manager will be in touch to help you decide on the payment structure that works best for you. The way payments are dispensed is highly dependent on the locality of your clients. With the Hybrid Program, a Cost Per Acquisition payment model is how payments are dispensed and relates to those who are referring clients from Europe.
The amount you get paid is based on country-specific tiers:
CPA Fees
Australia, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, San Marino, Portugal, Ireland, Lichtenstein.
Finland, Iceland, Poland, Malta, Croatia, Lithuania.
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro.
What is the payment structure of the Revenue Share Partner?
If you are partnering with us in the Revenue Share Partner, a percentage of the trade conducted by the clients that have been referred to us by you will be dispensed. Under the revenue-sharing model, the clients referred to us must reside outside of the European Area and their accounts must be registered with our Seychelles entity, Raw Trading Limited.
Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Seychelles, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Maldives, Bahamas, Cayman Island, Costa Rica, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Bahrain, Belarus, Bhutan, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Peru, Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Venezuela, Ghana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, Barbados, Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Paraguay, Grenada, Jordan, Guyana, Honduras, Cameroon, Curacao, Nepal, Saint Lucia, Benin, Saint Vincent, Uzbekistan, Burkina Faso, Aruba, Bermuda, Nicaragua, Tunisia, Burundi, Laos, Azerbaijan, Saint Martin, Turks and Caicos, Madagascar, Malawi, Ruanda, Andorra, Dominica, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Gabon, Guadalupe.
How does payment work?
You will be paid your Fee entitlements monthly in arrears, subject to satisfactory verification (where relevant), the terms of your program. For the Hybrid Affiliate Program, payments will be made to an active IC Markets Global Account in your name, from which you can make cash withdrawals using the payment methods set out on our Website. You acknowledge that:
  • wire fees or other payment charges associated with any withdrawal will be deducted from your Fees; and
  • exchange rates for international wire transfers will be set by the receiving bank. IC Markets Global has no control over these rates.
For Revenue Share, the account withdrawals will be available once a minimum of five (5) unique Clients have been referred and they have deposited into their trading accounts.
Are there any promotional methods I should avoid?
Yes, please visit our Marketing Guidelines page, where we have outlined below some guidelines you will need to follow as an IC Markets Preferred Partner.
Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about how to promote IC Markets correctly.
Our team of support staff are here to assist you with any queries you might have.
Some of the guidelines include:
  • Avoid making promises of unreasonable profits.
  • Never give direct trading advice unless you are licensed to do so.
  • Do not impersonate IC Markets.
  • Do not make any changes to IC Markets branding without expressed permission to do so by us.
  • Ensure IC Markets product or service information current and accurate.
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